We’re proud to be a part of Restaurants for Change. On October 19, 2016, more than 65 restaurants in 15 Canadian cities are donating proceeds to support healthy food programs across Canada. 

Restaurants for Change is an initiative of Community Food Centres Canada, a national non-profit that supports organizations to increase access to healthy food, help people build food skills, and create education and engagement opportunities in low-income communities. For the full list of organizations that benefit from Restaurants for Change, visit 

Beneficiary organizations:

– Toronto: Regent Park Community Food Centre and The Stop Community Food Centre

– Ottawa/Perth: The Table Community Food Centre

– Stratford: The Local Community Food Centre

– Winnipeg: Norwest Co-op Community Food Centre – Halifax/Dartmouth: Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

– Hamilton: Hamilton Community Food Centre

– Calgary: The Alex Community Food Centre

– Montreal: NDG Food Depot/Depot alimentaire NDG

– Funds raised in other cities support more than 90 Good Food Organizations across Canada through grants and capacity-building.

What’s our goal? A Canada where everyone has access to enough healthy food, the skills and knowledge to prepare it, and place where they belong, and a voice on the issues that affect their lives.

If you would like to participate by dining at Ascari please give us a shout at 416.792.4157, or click the “reservation” button in the upper right corner of this page to make a reservation via Opentable.